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Cruella Pain – The Very Best Fem-Dom Erotica

For me the very best ‘Female Domination Erotica’ is written by ‘practicing UK Dominatrix’, Cruella Pain. I have just finished reading her two part book ‘Converted’ (Converted – Part I Trained to Worship, and Converted – Part II – Trained to SERVE). And I have no doubt at all that this one is her absolute masterpiece.

For a start is is quite a bit longer than her usual books, and her themes of domination, worship, and service are developed in a lot more depth. Of course, the outcome is never really in doubt (nor should it be). But while the ‘destination’, is of course important, these books are really about the journey. And nobody can depict that journey better than Cruella.

Fem Dom humiliation stories

I have read quite a few Female Domination books, and while any number of them might ‘pull back the bow’ in promising much, Cruella is unique in that she does ‘release the arrow’. And does so in a realistic and exceptionally dark manner unparalleled in my reading in the female domination sphere.

female domination stories

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