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A powerful & disturbing story of a mother who has no choice but to endure humiliation, torment and abuse when her daughter is ‘taken’ by a mysterious stranger.

Jennifer Sinclair had decided that she was to start dating again after a messy divorce. But one morning a single text changes all that. Someone has taken her Amy, her 19 year old daughter. With the text os a photograph: Amy naked, bound and helpless. And vulnerable.

On her porch is a a phone and an earpiece. It is the start of a very long day for Jennifer Sinclair.

This book was blocked by Amazon, and is here presented in its original form.

‘The Queen of the milf humiliation story’ – Cruella Pain

‘Classic Janey Pilsbury: Cruel. Compelling. No-holds barred’ – Amazon reviewer

Strictly over 18 recommended. Strong themes of non-consensual sex.

Free Book: Milf humiliation fiction Mummy Puppet
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