Humiliation, Degradation and Blackmail

Erotic Fiction – A Collection of Short Stories

The collection of stories presented in ‘Humiliation, Degradation & Blackmail’ are hard-hitting, perverse and pull no punches. They deal with many of the more perverse aspects of human nature – the darker satisfaction of humiliation, the torment of degradation, and the corrupting misuse of power through blackmail. Acclaimed author Janey Pilsbury presents a collection of seven stories, each impressive in its own right, but as a collection haunting and extraordinary

The Final Humiliation

Approaching his wife’s last midnight, a man maintains a vigil as her bedside. He is waiting for her to die. But before she does, there are things he wants to say, NEEDS to say. Things that he wants to rub her nose in… For the first time, he shows her the darker side of his sexual nature. The one he has kept carefully hidden for so long… But what is truth and what are the lies he tells at midnight? 

This is a very dark and disturbing story about the self that we show to others, and the murkier, more dangerous self which often lurks deep within… 

Blackmailing Helen

This is a cruel story of sexual blackmail and female humiliation. In a pub just outside town, Helen – a university student – sits with a professor thirty years her senior. She is desperate; he is corrupt. They are both all too aware that he has her exactly where he wants her: in his power.

She has no idea just how evil and perverse he is…but she is about to find out…

Mutton Dressed as Lamb

Dawn is forty-four, divorced, and desperate for a man. She is no longer choosy. She has reached the age where she feels she can’t afford to be.. So any man will suffice. She will do what it takes to find one. So she sits in the pub dressed like she is 20. Yes, of course, the skirt is too short, and yes, of course, that top is too low. Way too low. But Dawn is well past caring what other people think. Let them have a good look, let them talk; let them have a good fucking laugh. She is not here for them; she is here to feed her habit. And she will feed it in any way she can. She is willing to humiliate herself in any way she has to, to find a man. 

And then she gets an offer…

Graduation Day

It is a quiet afternoon in a sparsely populated backstreet pub. Outside the sun is shining. But the calm is interrupted by the arrival of two flamboyant young people; one of them a stunning young woman. They stand out from the few regulars and create a focal point. But one man is attracted for the wrong reasons. He tries to join the couple as they sit in the corner. The scene is thus all set for a confrontation…

Somebody makes a terrible mistake.

Lisa’s Last Night

Lisa is out on the town in Newcastle, out on the piss. The city is heaving with bodies, all well underdressed, every single one of them out for a good time. Lisa is dressed in very little; this – after all – is going to be her night. One she will remember for the rest of her life. But as she makes her way through the bars, things start to change. The night doesn’t work out the way she planned. And finally, we realise what Lisa intended…

‘It was a cold night. A very, very cold night. The kind of night that made her feel glad to be alive. She was out, she was alone, and she was feeling dirty…’

The Girl Who Had No Choice

A haunting story, Llandudno is a dark place, full of foreboding – a Llandudno’…that visitors seldom see, and of which residents are only dimly aware…’ A place where ‘knots of girls as skinny as skeletons, pale as ghosts haunt shadowy recesses dressed only in rags and tatters.’ Girls who have a desperate need. A need so severe they can’t say no….no matter WHAT is asked of them by the men who crawl the kerbside… A tale which is poignant and harrowing by turns; exploring the sinister side of human nature.

Miner’s Wife, Police Whore

…is a true story. It is an unflinching, piece of writing which tells an untold story from the Great Miners’ Strike of 1984. It is a story of the hidden abuse of a community, and of one woman in particular. Ruthie Tudor married to a striking miner, and she was fully loyal to the strike. But she was forced – by unfortunate circumstance – to degrade herself. From going topless in a police pub to selling herself for cheap sex to the very demanding police enemy, she endured an ordeal that will stay with her forever..

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Collection of non-consensual erotica

The story of a stuck-up, arrogant banker (is there any other kind) who gets taken down a peg or dozen. A story of forced exhibitionism blackmail and masochistic-desire.

A story about a mother who cannot resit the attractions of forbidden fruit. But when he daughter is at stake things change forever. A story of a mother, a daughter, and a very unscrupulous young man.

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