The twenty five word ‘About Me.’

(Late) thirtysomething. British. Divorced – 2016, living in Oxford, One daughter. Various jobs, now part-time writer. Likes: travel, dreaming, exercising my ‘lurid’ imagination. Done.

“The best erotic fiction, erotic writing doesn’t come from just thinking about it, or even imagining. It comes from feeling it, deep down in those darker places where the mundane fears to tread.”

Janey Pilsbury – Urban Strumpet

Flesh on those bones…

I was born in Oxford, but have lived in the USA (twice), Australia, Prague, North Wales, Harrogate, Edinburgh and Chester. Now I am back among the more leafier lanes just outside Oxford, living with my daughter, and border collie, Cinders.

I have done a wide selection of IT jobs from Project Management to ethical hacker. But I am happiest of all in my writing. I fully admit that I am driven by an almost insatiable curiosity, a need to explore other worlds. (This might be a mundane way of saying I have a very sexualised mind, that just won’t leave me alone (….as if I’d want it to!). I admit it drives me, it is the most important part of my life – bar none. It is who I am, it is what I am.

So yes, I have fantasies. I have many, many fantasies, wild, wonderful, and otherwise. There are so many things I have a need to experience, or at least explore. There are so many different people I want to be. Need to be. So many lives I need to live. Sometimes I feel like I am a whole crowd in one body!

And I really think that is what my erotic fiction, and my writing in general, is all about. Exploring myself, and my urgent desires and needs, and the worlds that are am a part of. So if I stand for anything at all, it is that need to explore what lurks within by turning it into words and stories. 

Thank you for reading this, and thank you for visiting my site. For more on my writing needs please check out my ‘Why I Write Dirty Books’ post. And my interview with myself.



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