Probation Officer Mother But What Will Her Daughter Think?

Mother daughter erotica – The Probation Officer



She heard him before she saw him.

Even his voice felt like a hard, sudden slap across her face. She felt herself shudder.

And then they were coming through the door, all bustle and expectation. Zoe beaming, her cheeks reddened from the cold outside. ‘Hiya……’  Then he followed her in, grinning.

It was like a stab in her heart.

For just an instant she felt herself freeze, too stunned to speak or move.

Zoe was saying, ‘…and this is Lennie mum.’

And he was standing there, grinning at her. In her own kitchen, standing there in front of her. Grinning.

She held out her hand like a puppet, ‘please to meet you’, he said, his grin getting even bigger; enjoying the moment.

‘…and you’, she muttered in return.

It was only when their eyes locked that she knew this was deliberate; that he was up to something.

It had been four months.

Four months since she had first visited his flat.

Four months since her nightmare had begun.

Four months since she had allowed him to humiliate and degrade her beyond her previous wild imaginings.

Four months since he made her betray everything she loved and held dear.

And now here he was, in her kitchen. Grinning at her.

With her daughter.

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Mother and daughter blackmailed for sex

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A respectable middle-class woman harbours a dark compulsion to seek sordid sexual gratification in the high-crime ‘slum’ part of town. She is a Senior Probation Officer and fatally compromises herself by offering her body to a young male client. She finds out the hard way that brutal reality is much harsher than any fantasy. Lennie exploits her need and forces her on a degrading journey from middle-class suburbia to the dark sexual heart of the inner-city.
But her ‘secret life’ of humiliation and degradation invades her everyday existence, as Lennie becomes involved with her 18 year old daughter. As Elizabeth struggles to protect Zoe from the humiliations of Lennie, she realises where her true satisfaction lie…

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