The Humiliation of a Dirty Mummy – Milf humiliation fiction

Extract from ‘Jealous Mummy’

Much later she would realise that her daughter was innocent after all. But only in the sense that innocent was just another word for prey…

But by then it was too late.

For them both..


For fans of Mother daughter erotica and/or nonconsensual erotica.


It began with just noise. And then nothing would ever be the same again.

Janet Lennon was lying awake. Wide awake. It was just past midnight and she couldn’t sleep. She was in the middle of a waking nightmare. It was a nightmare which shamed her, but one that in her darkest of hearts she never wanted to end.

What filled her mind, what filled the room was the sounds of sex; the bumpings and grindings going on in the room next door. It had been going on for what seemed like hours. Every noise painted pictures in her head, vivid, graphic pictures she couldn’t escape from. Pictures she didn’t want. Pictures which made her feel strange. Uncomfortable. 


They invaded her mind, and her mind invaded her body. Forcing her to confront her own feelings, compelling her to acknowledge the sensations spreading through her. Sensations no mother should have.

 And that voice, that fucking voice. His voice. Over and over. ‘You’re such a dirty little bitch Martha…that’s it baby suck it, suck it deep…yesssss’ She wanted to be deaf. Not to hear it. ‘You’re such a dirty little bitch Martha’. Jesus. Jesus!

This was the first time she had allowed Martha to let her boyfriend stay the night. Now she wished she hadn’t. It may have seemed a good idea at the time but she never anticipated this, she never expected having to listen as they…as they…

As they fucked.

Not just fucked, but fucked and fucked. It seemed endless to her. He was a good looking boy and obviously very fit. She couldn’t stop herself thinking what his firm young body might be like, what his…his cock might be like. She couldn’t stop herself wondering what it might feel like if her were fucking her and not her nineteen year old daughter.

‘…such a dirty little bitch Martha’, she head him saying. Over and over and fucking over. ‘suck it, suck it deep…’


These were emotions she hated having, excitements that filled her with shame. But she was powerless to prevent them, those thoughts which hardened her nipples and made her pussy wet. She despised herself for it, but at the same time strained her ears for every sound, every soft gasp and moan.

She reached down inside her panties and touched herself as the sounds seem to grow louder. She imagined herself in Martha’s position, probably flat on her back, her legs wide open taking his cock…his rock-hard throbbing young cock into her obviously eager and greedy body.

It was if she was in the room there watching them…he would be on top of her, his chest brushing over her pert young breasts and banging into her, banging into her hard and insistent; fucking her, really fucking her hard. Hard. Jesus, she could feel her eyes watering with the frustration of it all. Her hand was moving insistently now inside her pants, her fingers urgent and probing; she was juicy now, juicy at the thought of Roddy’s hard, thumping, battering cock. She was so fucking wet, so fucking juicy, so fucking needy.

Her legs were spread apart now, her other hard was tugging hard on her nipples, twisting them, hurting them. She needed sex, she admitted it, and she needed it more than Martha. She needed cock, and she needed the kind of sex that young bastard was wasting on her daughter…

And as the pain flowing sweetly from her nipples met the electricity from her cunt she exploded into orgasm. She had always been a gusher but this time she came and came harder than for a very long time. It was the guiltiest of pleasures, using her daughter’s sex to get off. But needs must when the Devil drives. 

And right then her Devil had been driving her very hard indeed. 

She hadn’t noticed that the sounds of sex next door had been replaced by silence. They were probably lying locked together now, sweaty and spent; feeling that special post-coital closeness. Hot skin on hot skin. Stroking, caressing.

And here she was all alone. Alone in the dark, alone in her life. Just a bystander to life’s pleasures. Was she jealous of Martha? Jealous…of her own daughter?

Of course she was jealous. How could she not be? Not just for the sex she was getting although obviously that was a big part of it, the lucky bitch; and not just for her boyfriend; after all a twenty-one year old is a twenty-one year old. It wasn’t him as a person she envied her, it was his cock. What it could do…what it could do for her. But the jealousy which pierced her the most was when she realised that she envied Martha her youth, her fresh young looks, and the attention they attracted.

She grasped also that this was a form of resentment that had been steadily growing for some time. On the street she had noticed the eyes of passing men slide from herself to Martha. And she watched them linger, their hungry eyes examining every inch of her teenage body. It was easy to dismiss them at street-perverts but in her heart she knew that when those same eyes had once lingered on her she found it affirming. She had always enjoyed attention, and she still did.

But when Martha was around she found it all went to her. She seemed to suck it all up leaving none for her, like she was invisible, a ghost. Now having to listen to her fucking had broken all her feelings of resentment into the open. And as she drifted off to sleep, her pants still sodden from her cum she knew herself for what she was.

She was a jealous mummy. And a frustrated one.


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Amazon Description

Janet Lennon was a jealous mummy; a very jealous and frustrated mummy. 
And the person she was most jealous of her nubile nineteen year old daughter Martha. More specifically she was jealous of Martha’s hot young boyfriend Roddy. One night she is kept awake by the sounds of their sex in the room next door. She is filled with shame but aware of her own needs. Driven mad she resolves to do something about it. 

She makes a decision which will change her life. She is compelled by her need for him, compelled by her jealousy of her young daughter. She is determined to have Roddy at ANY cost. 

But is Roddy all that he seems? Does he have a hidden agenda of his own even beyond having both mother and daughter? Will getting him be the fulfilment of her desires or the beginning of her nightmare?


Erotic fiction by Janey Pilsbury - Jealous Mummy

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