Mother daughter erotica. In Her Footsteps

A Journey into Sexual HELL

Mother daughter erotica for over 18s ONLY.

Amazon Description:

A woman who uses a revealing pic of her dead daughter as predator-bait gets a lot more than she bargained for…

This is the tale of a mother who forces herself to tread the same sordid path as her addict-prostitute daughter…a story of guilt, self-hatred and emotional and sexual masochism.

‘Six months to the day after finding her only daughter had hanged herself, Nina Parker sat down and in between sips of the extra-large gin and tonic at her elbow pecked out the following on her brand new laptop.

‘The girl in the picture is my daughter, Leanne. She is nineteen years old and my only child. I am desperate to find her. Following a stupid argument she left and I have not seen or heard from her since.’

She then selects a revealing pic of her daughter, and posts it with the message on some of the internet’s most ‘dubious’ sites. The internet’s dangerous underbelly. There she is contacted by a sexual predator known only as ‘The-Bastard’, and so her journey in the footsteps of her daughter begins…

A journey of sexual humiliation and despair, guilt and degradation. This is a story which has much to say. Another classic of emotional and psychological perversion from the twisted imagination of Janey Pilsbury


Leanne’s mum stands on the corner. She stands there every night now in all weathers. She knows the skirt is too short for somebody her age, and she knows her blouse has way too many buttons undone. She knows she looks cheap and available. That’s because she is cheap and available. Very cheap, and very available. But does she give a shit?

She will never say no. She can’t. She is desperate for attention. She is the go-to when you want something extra, that something a bit alternative that a normal girl will say no to. And these days she accepts peanuts, anything is better than nothing.

She is a pervert magnet. She knows it. This is how is has to be. The guys who want the most extreme for the least money…and if it turns her stomach…so what? Just adds to their fun. And if she hates it…even better.

But it wasn’t always like that…


Six months to the day after her only daughter killed herself Nina Parker sat down and in between sips of the extra-large gin and tonic at her elbow pecked out the following on her brand new laptop.

The girl in the picture is my daughter, Leanne. She is nineteen years old and my only child. I am desperateto find her. Following a stupid argument she left and I have not seen or heard from her since.

I found this site in the ‘favourites’ of her laptop. I don’t know her username or any of her activity here. I am seeking any information that might help me to find her. This is a very urgent and heartfelt plea. My daughter is naïve and trusting. Vulnerable. I really do need to make contact as soon as possible.

I feel so alone without her, especially as I have also broken up with my boyfriend.

Please help me reunite with my daughter. Yorkshire, UK-based.

Reward offered for information leading to our reunion. Thank you.’

 Of course at the heart of it was a lie. A big lie. But the roots of the lie grew from a truth she was unable to face in any other way. The websites where she intended posting her plea were not in Leanne’s favourites at all; she herself had unearthed them after researching those places where this particular appeal was most likely to fall on dubious ground.

Finding them hadn’t been easy. It had taken weeks of trawling and lurking around some of the internet’s most repellent and distasteful sites. Not just sex but perverted sex, sadistic sex, non-consensual or forced sex; the kind of sex which hid itself away in the very darkest of corners.

This posting had to go on those places where the most vicious of predators lurked, the shadiest and most squalid part of the internet’s underbelly. She knew that only such men could provide the treatment she needed; only they could bring her the redress she had to have, no matter what the cost.

It was no longer a choice that she had. It was a compulsion. However much she feared it; and she did fear it, she knew it had to be. Just had to be.

She read her words through three times. It would be like blood in the water to a shark, but then that came with the territory. She had to do what she had to do; come what may. The time for thinking and drinking was over. 

Now was the time to do.

She selected a picture of Leanne from around two years ago. One taken before the bad times had taken hold. She was on a beach in Brighton on her birthday, smiling at the camera. It was a favourite, one she had also framed in her bedroom. It showed Leanne’s happy smiling face and slim but well-developed figure in a red bikini. 

It was a very scanty bikini, the most revealing one she had. It didn’t hide very much. But then she didn’t want the picture to hide much did she? Wasn’t that the point? Didn’t she need to parade her daughter to these men? 

Didn’t all fishing start with bait?

Why was she doing this? Why would she post such a picture to such places? Why would she expose Leanne to the kind of men on those sites? Because she had to. She couldn’t not do it and still live with herself. The course of her life was set now. All she had to do was go with it. Now that she had prepared it, and it was in her power to put it out there into the darkness she felt her breathing tighten. Would a normal mother do this? She glanced across the room and saw herself in the dressing table mirror. To some, perhaps most it would be a pretty face, but to her it was a face she hated; a face that lurked in all reflections; in her house, in her mind, in her life. It was true; no normal mother would do this. But then these days she was no normal mother. And hadn’t been for some time.

She spent several moments staring down at the keyboard. And then looked up again at the screen, she could feel a determination surging through her. No going back, she thought. And then with a few clicks of her mouse the posting had gone. 

Her blood was in the water.

She took a long pull from her gin and tonic. She finished off the glass and poured herself another. Why not? Why the fuck not?

All she could do now was wait. And drink.

And think. You are out there, I know you are…


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Mother daughter erotica

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