Writing Erotic Fiction – An interview with myself

Writing erotic fiction has always been a passion of mine as well as an aide to masturbation!

I recently completed a ‘self- interview’ on ‘Smashwords’, where I have a couple of books (those banned by Amazon) listed. It was a very weird experience. It felt like nothing so much as talking to the wall/myself. Then again if masturbation is sex with yourself, then what’s wrong with a little self-chat? This is an amended version of that interview.

What is it that motivates you to get out of bed each day? 

I always, always go off to sleep after spending some time fantasising about this or that. Sometimes It is a new fantasy that I am fine-tuning so it just gets me in the right spot. Sometimes it is re-running a reliable old favourite. One of my ‘wanker bankers.’ So after a night like that, what gets me out of bed in the morning in the prospect of living out all those fantasies that I have had during the night. And if I can’t actually live them out that day, then I can – at least –  write about them. Or masturbate to them….which for me is much the same thing.

When you’re not actually writing, what do you do with your time? 

Well, I do like to travel. I have lived in a few places around the world, the USA, Australia, Prague, but I still have a very long list of cities that I still want to visit. But obviously COVID has put paid to my roaming. But that won’t be forever. So yes, travelling is one. And naturally, masturbation is another. (Is may be a theme developing here?)

How do you discover the ebooks you buy or read? 

I sign-up for newsletters, browse websites and – of course – hunt around Amazon. I do read quite widely. Erotica and non-erotica. Also I get recommendations from friends, relatives, and sometimes a reader will write in and mention a book. I love that. No reading can be too wide or too deep.

Do you recall the very first story you ever wrote or published?

The very first story I wrote was called ‘The Landlady’s Humiliation (Now published for Kindle along with its sequel as: The Landlord’s REVENGE: & The Landlady’s SACRIFICE). The first story was very loosely based on a woman called Joanne, who lived near my family when I was a teenager. She was a pub landlady and a true MILF. Joanne (and her ‘assets’) were the main attractions for all the male customers. But when she leaves her husband for another man it proves to be a big mistake. I just loved writing about her downfall. It really appealed to my cruel bitch streak. 🙂 

Which e-reading device do you prefer? 

I have a Kindle Paperwhite. I absolutely love it. I take it with me everywhere. I have hundreds and hundreds of books on it, and I manage to read every day. This is only my second Kindle, and I am paranoid about losing it. I lost my first one, and I was so attached to it, I actually sat down and cried. I placed it on my car roof while I loaded the boot, and then drove away with it still on. I lived in hope it would be handed in as ‘Lost Property.’ But no suck luck. Bastards.

What is the greatest pleasure of writing for you? 

I think it is the feeling of taking something from a pop-up idea all the way through to a finished story. Putting in that final period is such a great feeling. It doesn’t matter how many drafts you do, or how many edits and refinements, you just can’t beat that ‘finished’ feeling. Its like sending your baby out into the world. Thats why its so great to hear from readers about how well the baby is doing, and if they enjoyed ‘it’. Feedback just means so much. 

What do your fans mean to you? 

I love my fans. I feel they are the best in the world, and that I am so lucky to have them. I always reply to every email I receive. Their views / questions and so on are great ways to fine-tune the writing. Some have become regulars and we change opinions on all sorts of things. 

Do you ever read your own stories anytime? 

All the time. Well, not ALL the time, but pretty regularly. Most, if not all of them are based around my fantasies, and so it does me good to reacquaint myself with them. I am often surprised just how a much of a good fit they are after time has passed. I mean, who doesn’t want to revisit their most vivid fantasies, even the darker ones still have a hold over me. Maybe i should say ESPECIALLY the darker ones.:) 

Who are your favourite authors in the erotica genre? 

I think two stand out for me. Both are in the ‘female domination’ (fem-dom) sub-genre of erotica. Cruella Pain, author of such books as ‘Caught in HER Web’, ‘The Toilet’, and Mistress Misery’. I love the sheer cruelty of her work, the uncompromising attrition which she brings to dominating. She is a practicing UK dominatrix and you really can tell. The other fem-dom author I love is Charlotte Benning. Her ‘SlaveHouse’ books are so great at building a world which is totally unique in all the genre. Complete and self contained, her work is really like NO ONE else’s.

Well, Janey, thank you very much. That’s all for now. Go and have a read. And a wank. Lol

Milf humiliation and blackmail stories

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