Judge Nina and the Sex Offender, a story of obsession

When I worked (admittedly in a very junior capacity), in the criminal justice system.  I came across several women who seemed unnaturally interested in young male sex offenders- some of them in quite senior positions. So it seemed only natural to me to want to write a story taking that interest to its natural (or – even better – its ‘unnatural’) conclusion. Hence, this story: ‘The Devil Inside Judge Nina: A Story of Obsession’. I so enjoyed creating Nina and putting her through the mill.  After all, the character I based her on wasn’t just a stuck-up bitch…..she was my boss!

From Amazon:

Judge Nina Bullock has a fascination with young, male sex-offenders. She is drawn to them like a moth to a flame, she cannot help herself. She is known to be ‘soft’ in her treatment of them in court. But when these ‘sympathies’ push her into entering into a sexual ‘arrangement’ with one such offender. A young man with a ‘tempting’ record of sexual violence against women, she finds out just how deep her demons run.

Because this particular young man has some demons of his own….

Marcus is more than just a ‘run-of-the-mill’ a sex offender. Much more. He is not at all the alluring figure of her sexual imaginings. He is altogether more threatening, more dangerous…

Is he her total fantasy? Or her worst nightmare?

See also my other stories: The Probation Officer’ and  ‘Pervert on Her Jury’, for other obsessions inspired by my criminal justice system period.

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Judge Nine and the sex offender, a story of sexual obsession

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