Stalked by Stepdaddy

Stalked by Stepdaddy – the Pervert Within



Doesn’t look happy, does he? Right now he is feeling his mortality, feeling burdened by unfulfilled desires; he feels his life is in flames. Burning him up…consuming him.

But all that is about to change…

What Harry needs is a plan, a way forward. A scheme that will get him what he wants. And right at this moment Harry wants a lot.

He is a man bristling with ambitions many and various, large and small. Right now two, in particular, are on his mind. Both are causing him some misery. Both are making him feel neglected; making him feel desperate.

He knows what he really needs is to get rid of his wife, Rosie. At forty-four she is getting past her sell-by date and needs off-loading; scrapping. Their twelve-year marriage is winding to a sorry end full of nothing very much. He needs a new woman, new flesh; something younger, juicier, better looking; and if at all possible with a decent fucking job.

The second thing on his mind is Rosie’s nubile daughter, Louise. She is just nineteen, and Harry is eaten-up by the need to have her, to fuck her, to possess her young and tender body. Since her birthday he has seen her in her true colours, he has become obsessed with her, totally infatuated. Since he realised that she wasn’t quite the sweet and innocent young thing he took her for, thoughts of her boil his mind.

She is a prickteasing bitch; he has to have her. Has to. And he will.

One way or the other.

Whatever it takes. All Harry needs is the right strategy. His cock aches for those tight holes; her firmness; her skin. Thinking of her dominates his life. Nothing else seems to matter. Nothing else does matter—only her.

He drains his pint and nods to the barmaid for a refill. She looks a bit like the young Natalie Wood; all dark hair and perky tits and that same stuck-up look. He thinks for a second about buying her a drink but decides against it—waste of money. There’d be nothing at the end of it there. Bitch.

When he looks at her, he sees Louise. He feels that familiar ache. But when he thinks of Louise, his thoughts are infected by her sad and saggy fucking mother. That was another sort of ache entirely.

Jesus Christ!

But things were about to change for Harry. He is determined. And when Harry gets determined, Harry gets what he wants.

Harry has secrets nobody knows about.

Until now…


Arriving back, Harry looked at his wife. She still had a distant echo of the prettiness she had twelve years ago when they had married. But that’s all it was, an echo. A reminder of what she used to be, but was no longer. A hag in the making, going downhill fast. Some days he could barely stand to look at her.

He was no longer proud to be seen with her; just the opposite. She still had those wide green-eyes and the trim figure. But the truth was that her face was adding lines almost by the day. She looked every day of those forty-four years. Some days he looked at her and was quietly repulsed. Her body was wrinkling fast and held no allure for him anymore. Sex between them had dried up three or four years ago.

But the truth was that even when they had a sex life, she was never enough on her own to get him off. His thoughts were always of other women, women he had seen on the street, pictures on the internet, women from his past. His victims.

Since then, he had taken care of himself or else gone out and paid for it. That wasn’t very often though. He hadn’t the funds. But occasionally he could find somebody cheap and desperate for cash. Somebody younger. Some silly little twat with an addiction who couldn’t afford to say no. He always loved how they would ask for fifty, agree to thirty, and finally take twenty when the note was produced.

Harry always made sure they earned every penny.

And more…

The truth was that these days he considered his wife an embarrassment. She was no longer good enough for him. He wanted to be looked up to because of his woman, not sniggered at. He felt ashamed when she took his hand in public; he didn’t want to be seen linked to her. Not when there were so many desirable bitches wherever he looked. All those pert jiggling tits and curvy arses just out of his reach.

He had always looked at other women. He had always felt a spasm of regret when he passed a woman obviously out of his league, the sort of woman who wouldn’t give him a sniff. It was a kind of sorrow to him that he was shut out of that world, the real world, the world of the desirable. The world that took good looks and accomplishment for granted.

He was not a part of it, would never be a part of it. He knew he could not even aspire to women like that, those women newly showered and body-pampered, who trailed a smell of strawberries wherever they went. He would see them strolling about town, the yummy-fucking-mummies looking like they had perfumed shit. But they were the kind of women who a man could be proud to be seen with, the kind of woman that meant he would be envied, looked up to. Respected.

They wouldn’t look at him. And even if they did, it was only to look down on him.

But while he watched women on the street, and wherever else he got the opportunity, the one he watched most was his own the one living in his own home.

And neither she nor her wizened mother knew anything about his past…

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Harry Stenton is a man with a sinister past, a man with many secrets. ‘A ticking time bomb of sexcrime.’ For most of his life he has been a brutal habitual and unrepentant sex offender: a violent man, without pity or remorse.  

But then he meets Rosie, and he forms a relationship with her daughter which brings out another side. A tender, protective side he didn’t know existed, he wants only to love and cherish her, keep her safe from the evils of the world. The beast within is tamed and their relationship flourishes. 

Until that is, he discovers that Louise isn’t quite the pure and innocent girl he has idolised. A ‘chance’ discovery shows her to a very different girl; a girl he sees as being like all the other women he has known… 

As Harry’s old self re-emerges their relationships takes a number of twists and turns to a memorable ending.

Another dark and twisted story of compulsion, corruption and unrestrained desire from Janey Pilsbury.


Dirty stepdaddy erotic fiction

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