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Blackmail sex stories are a real thing of mine. i love reading them and I SO love writing them.

A basically non-consensual sex story. Originally published under the title ’A Remote Controlled Mummy.’ The original version of this story was banned by Amazon, and so has been edited and appears here in its modified form. I actually think the story has improved. I won’t say why and how, but trust me, it is true to the spirit of the original.

From Amazon:

Can even the worst kind of blackmail force a woman beyond her own nature?
An early morning text from her only daughter begins a day of humiliation and desperation for Jennifer Sinclair.

Eighteen-year-old Amy has been taken by a man, who becomes a controlling voice in her ear. To keep her daughter safe – to get her back – Jennifer must become his puppet and comply with the man’s warped demands…

So her ordeal begins as Jennifer is forced into one humiliation after another…each one more degrading that the last. When finally, she meets her tormentor in a hotel; room she realises that her humiliations are only just beginning. And realises that she is now the woman she thought she was.

A compelling and suspenseful story of kidnap, sexual blackmail, & humiliation


The day her life exploded, Jennifer Sinclair rose early had a long shower and made a decision. The decision was to start dating again. The divorce had been over a year ago now, and time was passing. She felt she still had a lot to offer a man and a lifetime of happiness could still be hers. She resolved that when she got home from work that evening, she’d find some site and sign up. Just making the decision put a spring in her step. For the first time in a long time, she was feeling good about herself.

It wasn’t about the sex. Well, not just about the sex. It was about being with someone, sharing experiences. Having a more fully developed emotional life.

And yes, with sex. It had been too long already. This was the right decision.

And then…

…and then.

The text came in at 8.13. It was from her daughter Amy. It just said.’ On your front doorstep, a phone and earpiece are waiting. Go get them and stay on the porch for a call coming in. You have 30 seconds.’

She was already running late for work; she should have left ten minutes ago. What was Amy doing messing about? She opened the front door, and sure enough there they were, a phone and earpiece on the step. A nice one. Apple. As she picked it up, she caught her breath. There on the screen was a picture. A picture of Amy.

Amy lying spread-eagled on a bed. Amy, her hands and feet tied to all four corners of a bed. Amy. Her daughter, her child.

And she was naked. Naked.

At that moment, Jennifer’s world started to crumble. Her heart began to race, and her mouth got an instant-dry. Naked. Amy. Tied and naked. She stared at the picture, her stomach falling through inner space.

The phone went. She answered ‘Hello?’

The voice that spoke chilled her. It was male and full of menace. ‘Hello to you, Jennifer. It is a nice pic, isn’t it? Not quite as nice as the real thing, but it is nice. She has such lovely skin. Gorgeous.’

‘Who—W-What have you done with her—‘

‘Firstly, Jennifer, let me make two things clear. If you are prepared to cooperate, you will get her back. And you will get her back unharmed. The picture of her naked was just to get your attention. Do you understand? To focus your motherly mind…’

‘Look, just what do you want? Who are you?’ Even as she spoke she knew they were stupid questions. She forced herself to shut up. Forced herself to listen. Be calm. Calm?

As if she could!

‘…and secondly, do not under any circumstances terminate this call. If it gets cut off for any reason, I will call straight back. If I don’t get through for any reason, you will never hear from me again. Or Amy. Is that clear, Jennifer.’

‘I won’t hang up, I promise just Plea—‘

‘And just to prove I mean what I say, I am looking at you right now. I do love blonde hair.’
Her head jerked upwards, scanning the windows opposite, scanning the cars, scanning…

‘No, you can’t see me, Jennifer. I am not stupid. But you are wearing a red button-up-the-front blouse…silk is it? And a black skirt. Are those stockings hold-ups or are you wearing suspenders? Tights even?’

Her throat was painfully dry, she could hardly speak.

‘I am waiting Jennifer; I am not a patient man. Hold-ups or suspenders?’


‘Hmm, well…slutty then. Like daughter, like mummy. I like it. And those shoes, three inch or four inch heels. They look pretty high from here?’

‘Three I think. Look, why do you…?’

‘In a second you will go inside and collect your purse. That’s all you’ll need – purse with bank cards. Nothing else at all, no coat, no anything. Just this phone. Leave your own phone where you found this one. That is important. Have you got that Jennifer?’

‘Yes, just my purse and leave my own phone here on the doorstep’. Her mind was racing. What could she do to attract somebody’s attention?

‘Go now, and you will recite to me the full alphabet while you are out of sight. Do not pause, just a-b-c and so on. Go now, you better be fast or else I will give Amy a very stiff talking to…’

Her hands were trembling, her legs could hardly move. She felt like no part of her body would obey. Like everything had died on her. She dropped her own phone and went into the house, reciting as she went. She just wanted to do as asked; she felt this man had the angles covered. She couldn’t take a chance with Amy’s safety. Her stomach heaved again at the thought of Amy there in that room. Naked under his prying eyes.

She re-emerged from the door by ‘T’ and the voice said ‘Excellent Jennifer, Amy’s prospects are improving all the time.’

‘Please, what do you want? How can I get her back?’ He had asked for bank cards so obviously, there was to be an amount agreed. She didn’t have a lot in the accounts, but she had some. How much would he want?

‘Patience, Jennifer patience. Firstly, while we talk, leave your house and turn left. Walk down towards Queens’ Park. Oh, and tell me, I assume you are wearing underwear? Bar and pants? What colour?’

She felt a hard, painful lump swelling in her throat as she heard those words. The words that were changing her life. She started to walk but she felt unsteady, as if lightheaded, like walking through a dream, and somehow couldn’t go fast enough.

‘Red,’ she said. ‘Same colour as the blouse.’

‘Hmm, slutty indeed. I like that. Quite the milf.’

She couldn’t find anything to say. But with every word this man filled her up with terror. Terror as to what might be wanted. Terror for Amy. Terror that even if she gave him all he demanded, he might still harm Amy. Thoughts fought and raged in her mind.

‘You do realise don’t you Jennifer, that later on today, this afternoon in fact, I am going to fuck you?’

The words hit her like a slap.

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