The Delights of Indecent Exposure

A Study of Public Flashing on the London Underground

Her name was Pippa. It wasn’t her real name of course. She had been introduced to me by a friend of mine who know about my interest in secret lives. We met at the Hix Restaurant in Selfridges. When my friend, ‘Claire’, told me she knew this girl who made a habit of ‘flashing’ herself on the London Underground I am not sure what I expected. But whatever it was, Pippa in the flesh wasn’t even close.

My first impression was just how ‘long’ she was. Five feet eleven inches in her bare feet apparently. Slim-to-medium build with everything in proportion.  Mid-to late twenties, at a guess. She was dressed very stylishly, quite the ‘young strumpette’, with her uber-trendy Alain Mikli specs, and her ‘trademark’ short-short skirt.  As it turned out she was a management accountant, ‘very single’, and a committed Christian.  And for someone who had a habit of flashing herself to total strangers she seemed initially quite reserved, but after telling me all about her accountancy work and her activities on her local Parish council, she quickly loosened up.

‘I have always had this thing about the underground’, she says. ‘Just entering a station is like leaving your usual life behind and entering an anonymous place where your usual behaviour and values can be safely set aside, and you don’t have to live with any consequences. And once you know there will be no come-backs in your real life, it’s like being another person. I am another person down there! Think Clark Kent and Superman….well, you have me – Christian and cunt-flasher.’ She laughs a very loud laugh.

Heads at the next table turn.

I ask her how it started. How did the first time happen? ‘There was no real first time. I just started in small ways like leaving my knickers off when I knew I was going to be on the tube. Just for my own satisfaction really when I was feeling a bit daring. I tend to wear short skirts anyway, and I just found being without them fantastically liberating. Made me feel like a really wanton slut, like I could do anything, and it would be okay. I’d look at people and think “I know something you don’t know”.’

She smiles a very white – not to say, expensive, smile.

‘To be honest I didn’t set out to “flash” as such, it was more that I started not to care if anyone saw or not. Yes, I quite liked the idea of them seeing my pussy, but I didn’t go out of my way to stick it in somebody’s face.’

 So, when did you become aware that someone had seen you?

‘The first time I really knew for sure was when I was sat opposite this guy. He was in his mid-thirties or whatever and was sat reading a book. As usual I was looking around, watching people, and it was one of those funny times when your eyes just meet each other, and you just know. My eyes going sideways met his coming up from my crotch and I knew he had seen my puss. He held my eyes for a good few seconds and I could see him wondering; wondering if I was up for a fuck or something probably! Of course, I wasn’t, but knowing he had seen my pussy really made my heart race. I was so excited I thought I must be going red and hopped off the train a stop early. That was the start really.’

 So how often now? Just when she felt like it? Regularly??

‘These days I always go to work without any knickers on. It would feel somehow wrong to wear them on the tube now. But I always nip into a loo when I get off and put them on. Same with coming home, I take them off just before I leave work and travel back without. It just feels right now. Normal. And harmless. I often wonder why there aren’t more like me. Maybe there are, I don’t know.’ Again that dirty laugh.

So it’s like second nature. Does she ever forget on the tube that she is without?

‘Sometimes I am more conscious then others. In general, I just don’t care if I am seen or not. If they want a look, let them. I don’t care who. But if I am feeling extra horny, I do try and deliberately show somebody. There is no thrill quite like it, showing to somebody when you know they are looking. And then if you show them that you know that they are looking and you don’t mind at all, that it’s even more of a buzz. It is just mind-blowing.  I switch between the flash-flash where they just get a brief glimpse and wonder if they that was what they think it was, and the more blatant and often prolonged flash with lots of eye contact and mutual understanding.’

So, have those types of encounters lead on to anything else? Touching or more?

‘No never; I would never go further than flashing. Although in the loo or wherever afterwards, I have often had to rub one off just get rid of the total horniness. ‘Sometimes I am so horny I can’t walk!’ She laughs that laugh again. Again heads turn.

Do you have a favourite type of “viewer”?

‘Well, not really. I suppose if the guy is middle-aged or something he might appreciate it a bit more and remember you. That’s always a good feeling. I like it when you can see a certain desperation on their faces, they want to look, they have to look, they just can’t help it. Maybe they haven’t seen one for ages. The look on their faces is a picture.’

So you always stay in control? I ask.

Female exhibitionism on trains.

‘Well yes, I suppose so. I can stop at any moment, and I do feel that with people around I am in a safe environment. So yes on one level I am in control. But the buzz comes from the feeling of giving up control of who sees me. It could just be anybody. I don’t look for particular types or anything. I give up the choice of who sees my cunt. And believe me, it’s a good feeling.’

From the way Pippa talks, it is evident that she is a very enthusiastic public exhibitionist. She really does get a lot of pleasure from revealing herself to anyone who might look. Anyone at all…  

As someone almost obsessed with secret lives and sexual peccadillos, I found Pippa both engaging and genuine. We part with promises to keep in touch. ‘Just don’t mention the stations I get on and off, will you?’, she says. ‘Flashing is always best one on one.’

As if I would…

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