The Seduction of a Desperate Man: Part 2: Free short fiction

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In his mind he reached forward, with two hands not just one, down the loose nightie and cupped those babies one in each hand. Already he knew exactly how they would feel, warm and soft, but firm. His fingers closed, gripping them hard. 

And in his mind Mrs. J Smickersgill lifted her face until her eyes locked on his. ‘Do you want to fuck me before the blow-job, or do you want things the other way around.’

But as he blinked the vision had vanished and been replaced by al altogether more real one. Mrs. J Smickersgill was seated opposite him, smile firmly in place. Her nightie had resumed its usual position, but it still showed the glorious foothills. ‘Dig in’, she smiled. ‘There’s nothing like a bacon buttie is there?’

‘Oh yes there fucking is’, thought Colin, but what he actually said was, ‘Not one with grated cheese.’ 

He watched in some awe as she picked up her sandwich and took a big bite into it, closing her eyes in satisfaction as she did so. He followed suit discovering butter not margarine, thick, meaty bacon done just how he liked it, and lovely tasty cheese. Perfect.

But it still didn’t beat a woman. Well, maybe his wife, but certainly not the very wonderful, the very beautiful Mrs J Smickersgill.

‘You might’, she said between bites, ‘…be wondering why this day is so special to me.’

Colin wondered how to answer. He didn’t want to sound too presumptuous. But then again why not? Why else would a totally gorgeous woman be offering him time and bacon sandwiches at this time in a morning. Not to mention a good view of what was evidently a Triple-A rated body. Best not be too timid, he thought.

‘Well, yes. It had crossed my mind.’

She smiled back. ‘This is the day, exactly one year ago, that my divorce was finalised.’ She sat back and crossed her legs. And yes they looked long ones. ‘I told myself as I came out of the court, that I would not have sex of any kind for one year. Not a fuck, not a blow job, not a fondle or a feel. Not even a kiss.’ Her eyes seemed to grown larger as she spoke. Unless it was Colin just getting lost in them. 

‘So here we are, one year on, and you are the first man I have seen today.’

At this point Colin thought that he might just wake up now. But he knew this was no dream. It couldn’t be. He just nodded.

‘Well’, he began. ‘Does than what I think it means?’

She pushed the plate onto the table and leaned forward, her full breasts straining forward. ‘And what do you think it means?’ He had a feeling that she was toying with him now, but he didn’t minded. He wanted her to toy with him. As far as Colin was concerned she could toy with him all she liked, and then some.

He finished off the last bite of bacon butty and said’, ‘That I am…the lucky man?’ His eyes locked on hers, and there fell down to her body. He felt confident now, like he didn’t need to hide his interest.

Or his appreciation.

‘So Colin’, she said. ‘Whatever you want if yours…anyway you want it. After a whole year I am one hungry girl.’


Colin swallowed hard; his mouth felt dry, his heart was racing, but his cock was hardening by the second. This was all the fantasies he had ever had, all put together and wrapped up with ribbon.

She was sitting there, looking at him with those big eyes, and she was waiting.

He was keeping her waiting. On the luckiest day of his life all he had to do was reach out and take what was so freely being offered.

Briefly, he thought about his wife at home, his two children, and his five grandchildren. What was before him now represented not only temptation, but also risk.

But did it? Who would know? Once he had left this property he would never see this woman again. And look at her. She was way out of his class, so far she was almost an alien species.

He had always been a factually loyal and faithful husband and father. In his mind true, in his fantasies, he had had ‘sex’ numerous times from waitresses, woman in the street, his deliverees, and – his favourite – barmaids.

But this was different. This was the here and now, this was actual infidelity. For all his fantasies, could he really do it?

He looked at her face, it really was beautiful. And that body.

Of course he could fucking do it.

‘The bedroom then?’

Her smile broke, revealing an even set of impossibly even teeth. Teeth as perfect as the rest of her. She stood up and put out her hand. ‘This way.’

Being led by her felt like floating on a cloud. This was IT.

This really was IT.

The light was on, the curtains closed, the bed stripped of covers apart from the sheet. Just two pillows grazed the king-sized divan. This really was it!

He swallowed hard, briefly wishing he had showered that morning. Then dismissing the thought. Did it matter? This was nailed on, a cert. But he sensed there wouldn’t be a repeat, so if she didn’t like his body odour it really made no difference. But then being a gentleman he still hoped it wouldn’t offend. Christ why did he have to always fucking worry so?

Then all of a sudden there she was. Not just in front of him but right in front of him. Those blue-blue eyes looking up into his, and yes…those breasts – those tits – just touching his chest. Touching, and then pressing as she leaned forward lips all kiss-ready, her eyes slowly closing. ‘Come on Colin, give me a fucking kiss, I’ve waited long enough.’

The kiss when it came was like kissing silk, impossibly soft. His cock twitched, this really was no false alarm. His arms enclosed her and pulled her tighter. His mouth mashed down on hers and he felt the eagerness in her tongue as it raked his mouth. Oh Jesus fucking Christ. 

He wanted to be naked. NOW!

Just then she broke away, ‘Oh my God’, she is saying. Her cheeks and flushing now, her face serious. 

He sees her take a step back and takes the bottom hem of the nightie in both hands and in one smooth movement it comes up and over her head and is thrown aside.

The sight that greets him makes him catch his breath. It is as if time had stopped still, stopped everything. Her skin is perfectly pale with large 50p-sized pale strawberry nipples. Her tits are full high and full with no hint of sag. The tits of his dreams.

His hands rise to them almost of their own accord. He cups then tenderly, squeezing as if he might break them. Her eyes are big now, big and round and looking right into him, looking expectantly.

She moves her hands to close over his, pressing them into her pliant flesh. ‘You don’t need to be gentle. I am fucking desperate.’

However desperate she was, Colin thought, it couldn’t be as desperate as he was right at that moment. 

Her eyes were locked on his and she took a step back, hooked her thumbs into her panties and slid them down this long legs and very delicately stepped out. Closing her eyes, she lifted the panties to her nose and inhaled deeply.

When she opened her eyes she was holding the pants to his face. ‘Smell those, Colin. Know what that smell is?’

Taking them and breathing the damp fabric in, he looked at her. ‘It’s desire.’

‘It’s woman’, she replied. ‘A woman who wants a cock. And soon, Colin.’ Her hand went to the front of his pants. ‘Come on Colin, show me your big friend.’

It didn’t take long.

The shirt, the pants, the boxers. He was iron-bar hard. His eyes glued to the waiting woman before him. The woman whose fingers were toying with that glistening, hungry slit. Jesus Christ. Jesus fucking Christ.

Suddenly, all thoughts of his usual insecurities were banished from his mind. His overly hairy back, his growing belly, his thin legs. He was self-conscious about so many things. But none of them mattered now, now right then as he crawled onto the bed with Mrs. J. Smickersgill.

Her skin was soft and yielding. And he felt her tremble under his first touch. His hand on her hip, sliding across her stomach and then rising onto her bres…tits. His mouth locked on hers and he could feel the urgency, her hand was on his cock, his hard cock, his rock solid cock. Throbbing under her cool, and well-manicured fingers. God Almighty, he’d better get in quick. He wouldn’t last long like this.

‘Fuck me’, he heard her saying. Suddenly her voice seemed  so far away. Oh yes he was going to fuck her. Not just fuck her. He wanted to fuck her hard, and fuck her again and again and again. Then maybe a blow-job. And he had never had anal but he wanted it now, he wanted anything and everything with this……Goddess whose special day he was so much a part of.

Then he was inside her, could feel her heat enclosing his cock. God he was bursting, he could feel her breath on his face, see her face contorting. ‘Yes’, she was saying. ‘Yes, yes, fucking yes, Colin.’

Oh God’, was all he could manage. Her tits were burning his chest, the nipples like hot coals against him. He could feel his balls tightening, oh God, so soon? So fucking soon. He wanted to go on, and on, deeper and deeper. He hadn’t even started yet.

And there it was, the spurt, the spasm. The cum that let him down, that cut everything short. But he didn’t stop. He could feel his cock still hard, not giving way to that creeping softness like it usually did. He was still going, starting to bang now, really bang. Getting a rhythm up. This was it, this was living. 

Her arms were clinging around him, gripping him, grasping, like she was trying to climb up his cock to get him in deeper. He could feel her nails digging into him, deep into him, they would leave marks he knew, and as he slept naked he would have some explaining to do. 

But right then, right there, did he care? Did he care about anything? Anything at all?

No he didn’t, after this everything could take care of itself. This was his day. His life.

She was starting to moan now, deep growling moans that told him she was getting close. He could feel their public bones grinding hard together. He had slowed down now, but the slams were merging into the continuous grind. 

And there she was. ‘Oh Christ! Oh Christ.’

He briefly wondered about her neighbours. But then again he didn’t care. Let them fucking hear her. Let them think what they wanted.

And again he felt that sensation he both longed for and dreaded. The ball-spasm that told him his time was up. This time, after the spurting, he felt himself go soft. He was gasping. 

Their eyes met and hers were shining. Het face streaked with wet. But she was smiling, as the pulled his head down to rest on her tits.

Colin now knew what Heaven was.


As her face disappeared behind the closing door, he knew deep inside that this was a day in his life that would never be repeated. Nothing now would ever come close. It was as if fate itself had reached down and given him a big hand in the form of his greatest fantasy.

He felt a curious peace, something – he imagined – few men ever attain, or not to such a degree. Nothing was going to phase him now. Life had turned out to be good. He was one of the lucky ones. As fas as the beautiful Mrs Smickersgill was concerned he was the lucky one. Even the prospect of going home to his wife held no lurking dissatisfactions for him. He smiled to himself.

The back of the house was as perfect as the front, even the area around the bins was tidy. He noticed one very large box with ‘John Lewis’ imprinted in large letters on the side. Obviously a two-man delivery. Good thing they didn’t deliver today, he thought. He could have missed his chance.

But then again, he didn’t think that his (as he had come to think of her) Mrs Smickersgill would have ‘entertained’ two of them together. She had too much class for that.

He did wonder what it could have been though. It was the wrong shape for a flat screen TV. Maybe a fridge freezer. The well-meaning curiosity got the better of him, for no other reason he could fathom he pulled gently at one of the flaps. 

Inside he was a number of smaller boxes. Not just a few, several more John Lewis, a number from Amazon, and a few just plain brown. There were too many to count. All shapes and sizes, and all delivered since the last bin collection.

His head swum with images he didn’t even want to contemplate. It seemed that he wasn’t the first, and somehow he doubted that he would be the last.

Oh God. 

Maybe he should have stuck to ham and cheese after all.

The End

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