No Mercy on Offer – A Sexual Blackmail Story



Principal Prison Officer, Joe Harrison forked another piece of the beef into his mouth. It was just as he liked it, pleasingly pink in the middle and mouth-wateringly tender. ‘Lovely piece of beef, Joy’, he said as he dug on into a crispy roast potato. In fact, the whole thing was perfect. The garlic roasted potatoes, the mustard mash, the glazed carrots, minted petit pois, and the bloated Yorkshire pudding; all slavered in thick, rich brown gravy. It was Sunday lunchtime and he was here for his weekly perk.

And all the trimmings.

He looked at the woman sitting opposite him. She wasn’t eating, didn’t have anything on the table in front of her. She would eat later she had told him. She was just sitting there staring down at the table while he ate. He knew she wished him gone, knew she despised him.

He relished it.

She was in her early-forties, blond and slim. Her skin was tanned but looked like it had endured a few too many expensive beach holidays. But other than that, she was attractive looking in that older woman sort of way that some men liked. Well, in the way he liked. Especially on a Sunday.

Her clothes, like the room itself, were understated, reeked of class. Made a nice change, he thought. He liked coming here. It was a big old house in the posh part of town, and he wanted to feel all of it around him. His for a day. Too big for a woman on her own, he thought. His eyes never left her as he worked his way through his dinner. He liked to savour this, and most especially what was to come.

‘Take your top off Joy’, he said. Give me something to look at.’ The woman looked up at him, looked at him for what seemed like a long time but was in fact only a couple of seconds. She was wearing a mango-coloured top which she proceeded to lift up and over her head. Then she sat back, eyes cast down staring into her lap.

Joe leaned back in his chair and enjoyed her embarrassment. ‘Joy’, he said. ‘When I said “get your top off” didn’t you think it’s because I want to see your tits? The bra as well…off.’ The woman looked down as if she hadn’t heard his words.

She looked up at him. ‘Please…??’, her voice was little more than a squeak. But she knew it was no good. Principle Officer Joe Harrison wouldn’t relent. He was here for what he wanted, and wouldn’t be satisfied until he had got it.

Off.’ His voice was sterner this time, more urgent with a just that hint of threat. Joy looked back into her lap, bent forward to unhook the white silk bra, and lowered it onto her knees.

‘Now that’s better’, Mr Harrison said, chewing. He looked from her face to her tits. In truth they weren’t that great, she was slim-bordering on scrawny and what she had was sagging anyway. But really, as he well knew, it wasn’t just about him having a look, it wasn’t about the actually quality of her tits; it was about him making her feel exposed, uncomfortable. Vulnerable. It was about him rubbing it in that she was in his power, that he was calling the tune, and she would dance to it whether she liked it or not.

There was no point in being in control if you didn’t use it was there? And he, as they both knew, was in control here. ‘Don’t be rude Joy; look at me when I am talking to you. Look at me.’

He idly chased the last few peas around his plate and made sure she saw his staring. His eyes flicked from her eyes down to her tits and back again. She was insecure about her breasts. He could see that all over her body language. He knew which buttons to press.

He pushed his clean plate away and sat back. ‘Lovely’, he said, licking his lips. ‘Perfect. You know what time it is now don’t you, Joy?’

She stared back with a blank expression. Yes, she knew what time it was. Every Sunday was the same.

‘It’s time to get under the table Joy; time to show me your sincere gratitude.’

Joy stood up very slowly, her face set in a resigned mask. She smoothed her hands on her skirt, and bent down and crawled under the table. He sat back and waited for her fingers to start fumbling around his zip. When it came he could tell she was tentative, it took her what seemed like an age to free his prick. He was already hard. Already he was needing her mouth around it. And when it came if felt good. She was a bit of a faded beauty to look at, but she had a practiced mouth and that was more important than looks.

‘God’, he thought as he sat back and gave himself to it. ‘I so fucking love my job.’

Her lips closed over his smooth head. It was a job she had learned to hate, but more was at stake than just her own likes and dislikes. That is what she thought of as she worked his cock deep into her mouth. He was large too, considerably bigger than her husband. Bigger than any man she had had. But then he was big all over. God she hated the big, fat, arrogant bastard. But right then, right there, he held all the cards.

So as she pulled her lips back to the head, keeping it tight, she tried to think of the time to come, when she would be free of this obligation. Now she could feel his balls twitching. She knew he wouldn’t be long. All she had to get over now was the full-swallow that he always insisted on. The bastard was a heavy cummer and she knew from experience the act would almost make her sick. And that the feel and taste would be with her for days. And then there would be another fucking Sunday to look forward to.


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From Amazon:

Principal Prison Officer Joe Harrison is as corrupt as it is possible for a man to be. But he likes being corrupt; revels in the power it gives him, especially over women. The female relatives of the prisoners he has locked up. 

His motive is simple – sex….sex with his prisoners. Wives, sisters, mothers or daughters…..This is a story of the premeditated abuse of power.

But extracting sexual favours in exchange for ‘protecting’ their men is only the start; he manipulates all those around him for his own selfish ends. 

He is a memorable creation, as bad as bad can be, he has no concept of morality or guilt. His only ‘good’ are his own greedy desires, and he does what he has to do, to make sure those appetites are well satisfied. This is the story of a man driven by dark needs, a man who uses people, especially women as pawns and toys in his own game of life.

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